Friday, 25 October 2013

Visiting Old Friends.

I hadn't really had a day off since the tsunami two and a half years ago. It had been non-stop work on the house and the new studio and workshops. It was heaven to go to Canada and have time walk and collect my thoughts as well as give my brain and body a break. The Maiwa workshops were a pleasure to teach.

Unfortunately, the flight back u-turned over the Pacific ocean and returned to Vancouver due to technical problems. After changing planes and flying back over to Japan....what seemed like three hundred hours in a stuffy plane, I got a bad airplane cold. Grrrrrr. Dreaded antibiotics seem to have made short work of it. I have guests arriving in a few days and I am looking forward to jumping into that with clear sinuses.

I met Jean and we had a blast in Victoria. As I snooped around her treasure-filled house I found a particular treasure made by a mutual blog friend. Velma.....what beautiful work. It looked sublime in the west coast sunrise.

Jean and I drank beer, hung around the kitchen table, smiled and looked around her weaving studio, walked around old graveyards, (Those always clear my head and work wonders for setting priorities.) went for the best Greek food ever. Of course she had to floor that Toyota to get me on the ferry to Saltspring Island because we didn't keep an eye on the clock but gabbed and gabbed and looked at all her great books.  Hope to see you in 2015 Jean.


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Maiwa lecture

I am in Vancover. The first time I've spent any time here in 25 years.