Saturday, 24 May 2014

Leafy Tails University of Applied Shibori, Graduate Class of May 2014.

Thank you Mark for this picture and title for the post. Ichi go ichi e.  A very precious and special time together.

Thank you Margit, Bee, Mary and Paul, Mark and Mary, Marley, Alex and Glennis. (and Hiro)


*click to see some happy happy faces.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Spring 2014 Workshops.

This spring I held three ten-day workshops. (Number three is in full swing now.) I thought I might be dead of exhaustion by the last group.  But no. The hardest thing (besides getting the house spic and span from top to bottom) is editing what to say and do.

This group is somewhat unique. Mark and his mother Mary and father Paul and friend Marly from Italy and Ireland.  Bee and her mother Margit from Denmark. Alex and her mother Glennis from the UK. Mary is my soul-sister from Vancouver.  A family affair.

We are having a campfire outside every night. Last night we were Kumi himoing until midnight with the frogs in the pond keeping rhythm with the soft clunking of the bobbing braiding the silk.

The trip to Noguchi sans studio was magical as always. 

The Cherry Blossom Group was special. There were some real weaving masters there. Barbara was so so so kind and brought a warp for my neglected counter-marche all the way from the States. The loom is happier now that it finally working properly. A warp properly warped and balanced.  I've played around on it for years and never really really getting it right. Actually the whole middle room with the Scandinavian looms feels better with that functioning warp in there. The dogs seem to like the room better as well. Thank you Barbara. Some dust bunny loom ghosts have been exorcised.  You were all camera shy. (Ulrike, I haven't a single picture of you!) Barbara, Ulrike, Muriel, Lyn, Linda, Monike,  Jean, Kandace and Virginia....what a group of honey badgers... Thank you all for your kindness and hard work.

Shibori, Katazome and Weaving: Three Months Worth

Mini came and stayed at the house for three months last spring and again this spring. She arrived in the snow. While the damage was being cleaned up she wove away like a honey badger. She spent a single week carving a single stencil. It was brilliant. She was slightly hesitant to cut two stencils at once. She is glad to have twice the work in the end with two gorgeous stencils.

The sun is hot enough to dye with persimmon tannin now. Those stencils look great dyed both with indigo and tannin. Good job Mini.

The workshop members were amazed at the quality of the work and there was an impromptu mini Mini exhibition at the top of the stairs.

She worked on a dozen or so complicated shibori techniques. Some of the pieces were small just to get the idea of the technique. She couldn't suppress the desire to make a few big things when she understood how they worked.

I like how she works. Step by step. She picks up the techniques and files them away.  She keeps building on the basics and will be a master one day. Good start Mini. Bryan