Saturday, 17 May 2014

Shibori, Katazome and Weaving: Three Months Worth

Mini came and stayed at the house for three months last spring and again this spring. She arrived in the snow. While the damage was being cleaned up she wove away like a honey badger. She spent a single week carving a single stencil. It was brilliant. She was slightly hesitant to cut two stencils at once. She is glad to have twice the work in the end with two gorgeous stencils.

The sun is hot enough to dye with persimmon tannin now. Those stencils look great dyed both with indigo and tannin. Good job Mini.

The workshop members were amazed at the quality of the work and there was an impromptu mini Mini exhibition at the top of the stairs.

She worked on a dozen or so complicated shibori techniques. Some of the pieces were small just to get the idea of the technique. She couldn't suppress the desire to make a few big things when she understood how they worked.

I like how she works. Step by step. She picks up the techniques and files them away.  She keeps building on the basics and will be a master one day. Good start Mini. Bryan


  1. Wow, those are mysterious patterns (to me).
    And very beautiful!

  2. good work, i especially like the last one. no reason why, it just dances tonight for me.

  3. wow! nice work.looks like she's been very busy.

  4. Mini is doing amazing work, love the indigo and kakishibu.

  5. Surprising! It seems very beautiful and it's designs shows at least insects.
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  6. Such inspiring work and such an inspiration.