Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Japanese Bamboo Weaving Reed Making

How can you smuggle some essence of Japan's rich cultural heritage found in a simple antique bamboo reed artifact to a conference?  Perhaps a few atoms could also be carried in piles of scraps of cloth and miscellaneous bamboo cutting tools  packed all the way to Canada. Perhaps the students may touch the stuff and that essence might seep in someones fingertips..... The goal was covert.

The secret agenda was busted by Tracy Hudson in her review of the workshop.


The preparation started a few years ago. The bamboo was cut and left to dry for a month on the  mountainside. Then it was split and heated over a fire to remove the oil.

It made its way to Victoria,  British Columbia to the three-day workshop.

It was a pleasure to teach the class and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has woven with their hand made reeds.

I flew back to Japan for half a day, grabbed my winter clothes and flew down to Australia for a month of adventures there.