Friday, 28 April 2017

Indigo Book Binding at the Farmhouse.

Debra Valencia is a friend of mine who is a designer living LA. She drops by the farmhouse once a year. She is bringing a group to study indigo and book binding in October. I promise it will be a great time with projects at the indigo vat from morning until night with long happy hours. She has two spaces open in the workshop.
Contact me or Debra directly for information.
2017 Shibori Textile & Bookbinding Workshop in Japan: NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS! USA Organizer: Debra Valencia Japan Instructor: Bryan Whitehead Location: Tokyo & Fujino, Japan Dates: October 1 to...

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Hand sewn....thousands of stitches

 I sent out simple homework boxes with massive pieces of Japanese slightly crinkled linen to Finland, Belgium, Australia, America and the UK. The students spent hundreds of hours designing and stitching a woodgrain lining for the jackets they would make here in Japan.

Graces stitching was magnificent in its precision and elegance of design.

Here (below) she wears the jacket inside out to show off the lining.

She cut a stencil with her name in a Chinese character for the back insignia on the jacket. The insignia is coloured with soot and a watered down indigo and soy based dye. Here she is wearing it outside out. (properly.)

The jacket was dyed with soot and soy milk instead of indigo.

Really beautiful work Grace.

Zoe had a different approach. She taped on a design then rice pasted resisted it on the linen and then brushed on a soot and soy dye several times to get the nuclear hashtag effect. She brought some soft leather and made white sleeves for the jacket. The lining crosses worked wealth the back design. Gorgeous Zoe.

Claudia worked hard on this soot dyed masterpiece,  Pine & Plum & Bamboo characters wrapped around the bottom of the jacket. A pocket carefully constructed and set in the jacket to add some subtle extra visual interest to the jacket.

More jackets to come.