Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Shop and Workshop

On April 24th I opened a very small gallery and workshop in my town at the entrance to a large prefectural art recreation facility , Fujino Geijutsu no ie . There is a hotel and campground , theater for 300, a woodwork facility, glass work studio, pottery studio etc. I've held workshops here in the past. It was a center for many of the local artists for 15 years. Nine other creative types: potters, a landscape architect, several contemporary glass artists, a few painters, a leather worker making shoes and bags, a wood furniture maker, a Japanese antique dealer and myself. We each have a small separate wood cabin/container like gallery. There is a restaurant in the center with a huge balcony looking out on the mountains.

I set up two indigo vats on my balcony here. I'm taking it slow and letting it evolve without too much structure. I had figured I would have customers come and experiment with indigo dying. I prepared cloth ready to dye. They can bring their old clothes from home and refresh them with indigo. Sadly, it seems that people just come and shop. I pretty much sold out in the first two weeks. (Now I'm in frantic production mode!)

So my blog is suffering.

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