Thursday, 10 June 2010

Silkworm Eggs Hatching

I have about 1700 babies in the house right now. Each ring of eggs has about 450-500 eggs. A metal cup is placed over the moth so that she doesn't walk all over the place laying eggs. The following spring it is easy to calculate how many silkworms to raise by counting the rings and letting the amount needed to hatch.


  1. Hi Bryan! Thank you for the wonderful blog. I am raising silkworm as a hobby. I have a question maybe you can answer about silkworm eggs. Some of my eggs hatched but then I realized it is fall so the mulberry tree is losing its leaves. I quickly put the remaining eggs back that are most likely about to hatch back in the fridge. Do you know if this will cause those eggs to never hatch? Thank you and keep sharing! I wish I could live in a small village too!

  2. I think you have lost them. You can keep your fingers crossed and wait until spring. The eggs were all under the same conditions so I suppose the babies were all developing inside the eggs at the same time. It has happened to me several times. Let me know how it turns out.