Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Another Summer Yukata

Kawamoto san and I worked together to determine the pattern on her yukata project at the Tuesday class at my house. The result came out of the indigo vat this afternoon. Different stitching tensions helped add a nuanced finish to this masterpiece. This is also one of her very first pieces of Shibori. Almost unbelievable.

Un-oxidized indigo fresh from the bath:

The other students helped her undo the binding in time for a quick look as the sun went down:


  1. yes, incredible work! just amazing.

  2. Hello Bryan. I have just been enjoying the wonderful work and insights on your blog. Thank you for taking the time to share what you are up to in Fujino, I am now a follower of your blog.

  3. This is so beautiful....what a labor of love and wonderful design work.

  4. I can not believe what I saw on your blog, so beautiful. I am moving my first clumsy steps into shibori, so much to learn! I will follow your work with pleasure.

  5. What beautiful patterns and such a deep colour. Quite, quite lovely. Looking forward to seeing it made up.


  6. found out about you over at Shibori Girl...

    wow. i totally envy your lifestyle...your art and your home.... wow...i will be watching this blog from now on...

    jan in nagasaki...