Sunday, 23 January 2011

Workshop in Europe

The University of Liechtenstein's Architecture and Economics departments give their undergraduate and graduate students a chance to participate in a week-long course not related to their fields of study once a year. (Liechtenstein is a small Principality sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland. The Prince lives with his family in a castle above the main town.) There were ten other guest workshop leaders. A shoe maker, toy designer, a ceramist , furniture designer, print maker/archiver, and other very talented cool designers from other European countries taught. I was short on concept and words and we basically got straight to work indigo dying. The students were all exceptionally creative and it was pure pleasure to see what great ideas they came up with. Scarves, work-belts and book covers were obligatory and then they brought in their old clothes to dye with indigo. It was simply a wonderful time. I want to thank the students and other workshop leaders and the University folks for a very memorable time.

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