Wednesday, 27 July 2011

White Shadow/ Shirokage shibori

Eri made the tremendous amount of effort to try white shadow/shirokage shibori.
The cloth was some heavyish linen I picked up in Austria at an antique market. It wasn't best suited to this type of shibori as it it thick and doesn't bind up tightly to keep the indigo out. So instead of a pure white shadow, a light blue shadow was the result. None the less, the results were unique and beautiful. The stiching was done in alternating black and white heavy thread so it is easier to see what you are pulling and tying. You really need to pull hard to bind the cloth and if the thread breaks you can't really re-stitch it perfectly. Cutting the threads after dying is also a major task. It seems that it was worth the effort as four other students asked to learn white shadow the following week. Yamaguchi san is a new student and her very first shibori attempt is this advanced technique.


  1. shirokage shibori is quite a challenge. and on yardage it's immense!!
    beautiful results

  2. the light blue shadow is lovely, and so-o much work.

  3. OMG, what gorgeous piece. So much stitching.
    I want one!

  4. i really enjoy seeing the commitment to learning these techniques that your students have. the results are very rewarding not to mention beautiful!

  5. Just amazing, I would like to learn this technique: the list gets longer and longer...