Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Music on Silk Crepe.

Today the rice paste was used to resist the stencil pattern as usual but instead of indigo, I boiled down different dye baths from high tannic barks and red madder and used them with an iron mordant to get this effect. It was steamed to set the color.

Something about this reminds me of Pablo Casals playing Bach. The fabric is a perfect silk crepe. This stuff if usually too refined and snooty. How to build on the chilliness without nodding off is the question. It may not be a moody, bloody, passionate Cello Suite but it made us smile in a similar way.


  1. Right. The fifth suite, with its sophisticated but anti-orthodox scordatura harmonies.

    This textile is lovely. The designs are evocative of spices - star anise shapes, and all that fragrant brown. And the general effect is... both sophisticate and unorthodox. :)

    Very very nice!

  2. Thank you isabel. I am cutting a new more floral arabesque stencil to see if I can get a rusted gate sonata.

  3. staccato on chirimien?they seem to float

  4. It's a perfect marriage of material with motif! Really, really beautiful...and I love the musical analogy -

  5. subtle and beautiful colorwork here