Monday, 19 November 2012

Come and Stay in Japan and Study Indigo at the Farmhouse

The new studio in Atsugi....almost there.

I am still basking the glow of the autumn workshop while rushing around for the opening of the studio/shop in Hon Atsugi next weekend. Does this look like it will be ready in one week? Yikes!

I have inquiries about spring workshops and people who want to book their flights soon. Yes, spring and autumn workshops were immensely enjoyable (although the prep took a few years off my life.) I will hold them again in 2013. I tweaked the program a bit as I was biting off a tad too much and expecting the participants to chew through all the tough stuff with me. I was stressing my guests out at the indigo vat with too much work.

I will be busy with the shop. I ma certain their will be same typos int his. Please bare with me.

The Spring 2013 Japanese Textile Workshop in Japan:


  1. I keep looking at this and wishing...but I can't swing it for spring. Please post about Autumn workshop when you can. I think that is one that I would make happen!!!

  2. Mandi san,
    I hope to have an early November workshop. I will post a brochure in the early spring. I hope to see you about this time next year,