Thursday, 13 December 2012

Indigo Guys

It has been good to have some guys over to indigo dye recently.  (My women students are happy with this as these guys have all been handsome and creative.) Serge is back semi-woofing and semi-indigo studying. One day up the mountain cleaning up the tea terraces, the next day sewing cloth, the following day cutting down bamboo and the next day at the indigo vat. He brought some great linen from New Zealand and took his time to bring out the beauty of the cloth in this piece.  He is toying with the idea of being an indigo craftsman. He has the patience.

Ted came by twice to shibori and katazome. He has a good eye at the antique market. (This is the way to get the teacher's attention. ) Working as a designer in California with a Japanese wife, I am sure I'll see him again when he visits Japan next year. He caught the indigo bug fast.

The sashiko re-inforced corners of the furoshiki are so cool that I started Ogata san on a copy immediately.  Ted found these at the antique market in Kyoto.

The Spring 20I3 Indigo Workshops at my Farmhouse in Japan:


  1. indigo guys...aren't they a folk group?!

  2. love it all, 'specially the first shibori. I used to go to the Kyoto markets when I was at Kawashima 20+ years ago, they were amazing then

  3. Indigo Brothers, maybe?
    The first piece is a beauty (una bellezza!) and the reinforced corners of the furoshiko as well. I bet Ogata San will make another stunnig piece.

  4. indigo guys latest hits!!:)
    the furoshiki begs to be produced.

  5. so many beautiful things happening in your farmhouse! i still dream of one day knocking on your door. it is a pleasant dream. stay warm!