Sunday, 20 January 2013

Japanese Textile Workshop in Japan Information

I was having a tough time pasting the pdf file onto blogger. My friend told me how to do it with this Scribd. It doesn't look right.

The May workshop looks as if it is full. (I have one space left but someone is waiting for vacation time to take it. I will know by Feb 1st if it is open.) The April workshop has a few spaces left after some members decided to postpone the workshop until autumn or spring 2014.

 I will be out of Japan in October 2013 giving indigo dyeing and silk thread making workshops in Canada. Therefore the autumn workshop will be in late autumn.

I have a few requests for a ten day to two week katazome and indigo and persimmon tannin dyeing (Traditional Japanese stencil dyeing) at the relatively cool farmhouse in August. Summer is very hot here and I don't want to be going into Tokyo and moving fast. If I hold the August Katazome workshop it will be slow paced. ( Those who know me are rolling their eyes.) I will put something up next month for this. If you are interested, drop me a line beforehand so I can incorporate your ideas into the curriculum.


  1. Does this possibly hint at you teaching in Vancouver at Maiwa? As a North Vancouver resident - that would be fantastic.

    If it's not there, where?


    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, three workshops at Maiwa. Under-dyeing indigo, silk thread making and Japanese indigo. You just have to go across two small bodies of water instead of one really big one for a workshop! I'll have and exhibition at the Diana Sanderson's Silk Weaving Studio as well. Come by and let's go for a coffee.

  2. Also from west coast Canada. could you elaborate on your workshop in Canada? Maiwa?

    1. Elserine san,
      I put up a blog for you and two others who asked details. Hope to meet you there.