Monday, 24 February 2014


Thank you for the mails asking if all is fine here in the snow. We had two record-breaking back to back snow falls. Two houses in my village were destroyed by heavy snow. Several others had avalanches bury most of the house.  My neighbour had the snow break through the walls at the back of the house and then the snow came out the front doors.

It is stressful to see so many broken old houses. Many of the people are living off meagre pensions and this is a shock to all.

Two meters of snow fell on my place. A heavy snowfall is usually 50 cm.  The heavy snow slid off the roof on one side of my old clay storehouse and the weight on the other side flipped the roof off.  All this happening while my kitchen was completely ripped out and the new bath and studio being built in the side yard. Chaos chaos chaos.

Things are calming down. Ten days of endless snow shovelling has put me seriously behind on work. I am sorry that I haven't sent off responses to any mail.

The bright light is that Mini has come back for another few months this year from Singapore. We all love her here. She was a good sport struggling up the snowy road with her suitcase.  And she is being a good sport weaving and working away while I spend time cleaning up the disaster area outside. Things will be back to to normal soon. Actually they are getting better already. The new kitchen is 95% done and boy......does it look fresh and clean.

and then it snowed another 130 centimetres.

Glowing warm in the freezing snow....Mini fresh off the plane from Singapore.


  1. Oh my goodness, Bryan, that is a snowfall and a half. I've been in warmer climes and had no idea you were having it so bad, although I'd heard there was snow in Tokyo. I was just thinking whether you have glass in "my" bedroom window now, seeing that snow hanging over the top?!! Soon it all be Spring and the snow will be a crazy memory and you will be cooking up good things in your new kitchen and in the workshops. Keep warm and safe in the meantime.

  2. Hi Lis, The glass man showed the day you all left! I never bothered to put any in the open air bathroom though. I broke in the new kitchen tonight with roast chicken....heaven. It still looks like a war zone out there.
    There are three meters stacked up outside. It will be there until late April.

    Cheers, b

  3. i've been following the snow reports on nhk international and thinking about your kitchen wall, or the lack of it, recurringly. sad about the neighborhood,good to hear you have good company at least.

  4. Hoping now all is right , strong weather, in several countries, storm... terrible the roof of the house with swon, greeting from Belgium

  5. this winter has been hard, but we, in the north country are prepared for huge snow loads. i'm sorry to hear of broken old structures and the pain caused to those who live in and love them. it was weird indeed to step out of snow and into summer for 16 days…and then back to snow and below zero cold. this is a winter to remember.