Monday, 21 April 2014

Cherry Blossom Workshop

I hold ten-day workshops at the farmhouse in spring and autumn. I've done it seven times now. It is such an intense time having a group of eight in your house and life for those days.  Each time is different. The chemistry of the people is different. I enjoy it and am lucky to be doing what I want to  do in life. So many special moments with special people.

It doesn't feel like work. It is a pleasure to have guests at the house. Lena, Anna, Sue, Emily, Kim, Anita, Marcela and Kate.... We had perfect weather. I didn't take many pictures but looking through the ones sent to me I can't help but notice a lot of smiling faces. Beautiful harmony amongst you all. Thank you for the effort it took to travel from all ends of the planet. From Brazil and Sweden, Australia, Canada, the Himalayas and the UK.

Here are a few pictures to remember our time together.



  1. such a great event and how wonderful the smiles are!

  2. wonderful pictures, wonderful memories. can't believe Ogata-san is still making noodles.

    1. She was out digging bamboo shoots up the mountain this morning. Pushing 96 and still at it.

  3. I am smiling as I look at your pictures, each one brings me back...2 years already, it seems like yesterday.

  4. Memories. Glad to see Ogata-san is still rocking.

  5. What a wonderful and unforgettable once in a life time experience! I am so jealous!!! I can't hardly wait till May 2015!