Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Happi Hantens: Hand Sewn, Indigo dyed, Original Hand Cut Stencils.

Our Hanten jackets are finished.  Yazaki san came to the house and taught us to sew them by hand.

How many hundreds of subtle steps were there before we put them on? Making the paste from boiling rice four and mixing with bran.  Crushing soy beans to make a liquid to bind the pigments to the cloth.

How could our seven sets of eyes and cameras document so much?

We were all in awe. I don't know where to start writing about it. I will put together a few workshops in the future. How to cut the stencils, use the different pigments with the indigo and how to hand sew these hanten jackets. I am looking forward to mastering sewing them myself.

It was an unforgettable few weeks. Thank you. 

I am leaving for Europe in a few hours for an exhibition and some fresh alpine air.  The exhibition will be at the Gasometer in Triesen in Liechtenstein. I'll be visiting friends in Switzerland and Austria as well.  Exhibition and Workshop in Liechtenstein

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  1. Wow!! Wish I could of been there for that. Going to be heading your way at the end of Oct for a week. Would like to stop by for a day or two. I'll email you on it. Hope to see you soon.