Saturday, 27 February 2016

Indigo Katazome Hankerchiefs for Free

I watched a Japanese TV show years back, (I always remember them because I have never had a TV and when I see one I am glued to it.)
It was a  novelty like program. The question was: What are your favourite words?

On camera people answered;

Then  the interviewer questioned with a lowered voice and a 'don't BS' me expression....
"Yeah right...Honestly.....what is  your favourite word?"

"Without fee."
"Sleeping in."

I am off to Sri Lanka for my winter vacation tomorrow to meet Hiro and Anna. I'm all packed and the weather was gorgeous this morning. Yesterday we prepared 50 stencilled handkerchiefs and we took  them to the local "Art Village Market" and set up an indigo vat in the parking lot and asked people if they wanted to dye a handkerchief for free........ without fee even.

Disbelief and then they piled right into the task on hand. Mothers and fathers with their little ones wandering around in the slightly winter warm sunshine. It was good to get some blue sky with music wafting in the background. Old friends coming and going, coffee and freshly baked cookies on a Saturday.



  1. What a fabulous idea. Now, the magic of indigo has spread even further. I wonder how many knew of the process. Watching the fabric turn from yellow to green to indigo is the magic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and all these others. I can imagine the handkerchiefs becoming treasures.

  2. Hi Judi, Yeah...they were surprised by the green to blue thing. We were stripping off indigo leaves from stems so there was some sort of information lurking around. I was enjoying the sun too much for any indigo teaching beyond, 'dip it for one minute.'

  3. another adventure of our crazy gaijin. they must love you with passion there.
    have fun in sri lanka.don't forget to get cinammon, their's is the best.

    1. Sitting here drinking a cinnamon lassi watching the waves breaking on the coral reef. I was just out there snorkeling. Good to be away from Japan for a few weeks.

  4. giving back and the surprise of a free thing! wonderful.

    1. Velma, I'm staying here with a bunch of adventurous Russians. We were drinking vodka last night and talking about a road trip across Russia / Siberia this summer with an indigo vat. We can stop in villages and have indigo parties. I think we will actually do it.

  5. i can remember doing that at Aizen Kobo in Kyoto many years ago. it was tie dyed instead but i still have it. such a great idea. i am sure yours are far superior stencilled.