Thursday, 17 March 2016

Slow But Busy Time In A Japanese Farmhouse in the Mountains Waiting For You This Summer.

Spring Workshops at my farmhouse that focus on indigo and how it was used in Japan and how to sew and dye Japanese jackets are going to start two weeks from now. April and May are going to be busy. I have been finalizing a single mid-summer workshop and there  has been some cancellations and postponements. If you are interested in coming to Japan and staying here at the farmhouse and being spoiled with food and indigo, drop me a line with a little self-introduction to: and I will get back to you.

Unfortunately, the autumn workshops are now full.

Travelling in Japan is easy. It is safe and the Japanese are very helpful. I will help you with suggestions of where to go etc.  The yen is not as low as it was last year but still low. Japan has had deflation for 25 years straight and it's image as an expensive destination is old.

The workshop is ten days long. It starts on a Monday.  I drive into Tokyo and meet you up in the lobby of the Century Hotel conveniently located near Shinjuku station south exit. You stay right here in the farmhouse on the third floor. The rooms are fresh and cozy. We work on projects from morning until bedtime.   I have 25 things I am desperate to show you and only 17 of them actually get done. There is a lot of time at the indigo vats and a few day trips. I really pack it in. I'm a man with a textile mission. The workshops get very good reviews and people come back again and sometimes again and again. I have a few spaces left. I've had mum and daughters come together and even son and mum and dad come together. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing.

Drop me a line and ask questions about availability for this summer. I am putting together the program for 2017 right now. I have dates set and can pencil you in and get back to you later in the year to reconfirm anyone interested in Japan in 2017.



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  2. Hi could i have more info on the 2017 workshops? Dates, conditions...

    1. Hi Rita,

      Please write me at