Sunday, 5 June 2016

Musings in June.

Korinna and Truus did not get their due honour of having their wonderful hand stitched jackets pictures posted.

Both of these jackets took extra time to get the 'horse riding slits' and the lining to sit and hang just right.

Korinna's work was clean and tidy. I was impressed with her stitching neatness even late at night when it was time to be asleep. The jacket is gorgeous. The motif on the back is deceivingly simple and complex.

Truss went her own way and made a soot and soy milk dyed jacket with just a hint of indigo blue painted on instead of dipped on.

I have eleven alumni of The Otis College of Design at the farmhouse for a week. We spent our first three days together in Tokyo.  We visited the Issey Miyake exhibition at the National New Museum, The Edo Museum and The Boro Museum in Asakusa and the Nezu Museum in Aoyama. Bright students who were/are absorbing information as they breath. Twelve sets of designer eyes taking in an entire city and old textile culture. I am in heaven with these smarties!

Then we went shopping at the Kapital stores and a painting supply store and drifted in and out of all the cool shops as we roamed along trying to thread together some Japanese design elements through the centuries.

It was heaven to be back in the mountains with the silkworms and the kittens and doggies and Hiro's home cooking.  Six more days together. Trying to pack in as much as possible.

The spring workshops are almost over. They were great. 'Two General Introductions to Indigo and Japanese Textile courses'. A two-week jacket making course and now the Otis students. All has been pretty good.

If all goes well I will be in Finland and then Russia in ten days time. Anna's friend is the "Keeper of the Russian Textile Collection" at the Hermitage in St Petersburg. I am so looking forward  to getting behind the scenes there and looking at the old textile collection there.

Places we visited:

Edo Museum:
Nezu Museum:
The Boro Amuse Museum:
Issey Miyakeissey miyake exhibition:


  1. wow! don't you just love being around that college energy/mind for a while? i do, though it is a bit exhausting! high school kids are still so wrought with hormones, by college they can think a bit more. and they ask great questions!

  2. They are really great fun. Most of them have graduated years ago and are well into their careers.

  3. What an amazing time! Those museums - I will look them all up, The Boro and oooooh- Issey Miyake!
    And painting the indigo on- how interesting. The shots of the happy Otis College alumni make me want to know what was in all the shopping bags.
    And The Hermitage! can't wait for the post on that.
    Claudia Fisk

  4. I could spend years in the Boro Museum and find something new every time - amazing place.