Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Woofing in Japan

Quite a few email show up in my inbox from travellers in Japan who want to come out and take a look at the indigo farm etc. Timing is often bad. But occasionally I can use a hand cutting indigo or dyeing thread etc. (Sometimes cleaning the mountainside, washing windows and weeding the garden.)

There is a backlog of thread that needs dyeing and indigo that needs harvesting. Luck sent me plenty of help the past few weeks.

Art students and product engineers and anthropologists ..... you are all so enthusiastic and smiley....contrasted with this grumpy old cynical farmer.

So if you are travelling around in Japan, drop me line and I may be able to put you to work for a day or so. Roof and rice on me.

Whiteboots has taken a liking to the indigo process. Guarding the dried indigo.


  1. Maybe Whiteboots will become Blueboots someday? Beautiful to see the indigo harvest.

  2. I assure it will happen one day......I'll post.

  3. Long time I did not come here...
    so nice and so good to read all your stories. I will come some days to clean the windows
    much love!

  4. my friends at bittersweet farm told me about woofers. they so enjoy them, and rely on that extra help. a marginal organic homestead needs helpers. so it seems, does a canadian textile farmer on a mountain. if i was nearby, i'd be by to help out.

  5. I well remember that climb down to the river to wash the yarn when I was there in 2014. Boy, that water was cold!

  6. hey, Bryan I hear you have snow. How about a picture, anyone making a snowman?