Friday, 24 September 2010

Making Tools

I encourage all my students to weave on simple back strap looms for some time before investing in a larger expensive loom. First, so that they really know if they like weaving or it is just a romantic passing phase. Secondly, I think the experience with a more primitive loom gives them more insight into weaving and the aesthetics I particularly want to pass on to them. Some make their own reeds from bamboo grown locally. (see old post, TUESDAY, 30 MARCH, 2010) Here Minako has just finished her back cushion for her simple backstrap loom. She wove the rag weave herself using vegetable dyed silk scraps from old kimono lining and dyed the indigo inner cushion. The smoked bamboo support comes from the bamboo rafters of a thatch roofed farmhouse that was sadly taken down in a near by village last year. These simple parts of her weaving tools will last a lifetime. Like drinking from a favorite cup over many years it is comforting to use familiar and comforting tools to weave.

1 comment:

  1. minako's back cushion is a beautifully made piece. i love my handmade tools best, even the ones that are a little funky, but especially the beautiful ones.