Thursday, 12 May 2011

Love Shibori

A 21 year old guy originally from Siberia was coming and staying at my place regularly pre-tsunami/meltdown. Sergei. He studied Permaculture in Australia and wanted some practical farming experience. He asked if I had some work around my house needed done in exchange for bed and food. (An angel appeared I thought. ) He came out and cut bamboo on the mountain behind my place dramatically opening up some sky space for me. The bamboo looks great so I never thought of cutting it and failed to notice how it had grown in the past 20 years.
He quickly became interested in the indigo vat and all the wonderful things my students were making. He is in love with his Japanese girlfriend Chiaki. Sure enough Cupid had him madly making shibori presents for her. (The power of love....) Here is his first attempt and it turned out beautiful. I always pick up antique Swiss and Austrian Linen at antique markets when I am in Europe. It dyes beautifully. When going to so much work to make something I figure the cloth should be very good from the start.

Was he glowing with happiness from the indigo work or the happiness of making something for his love?

Like many non-Japanese who live here he left suddenly with the reactor meltdown happening only a few hundred km away. Smart move as new trickles out about the severity of the damage. I hope he returns to Japan with Chiaki when it is safer.


  1. beautiful shibori indeed!
    i am discovering ai on asa. weaving and knitting things with linen that will eventually hit the vat :)

  2. i like this story so much. beautiful, happy, and sad. indigo.

  3. Love the shibori and love the story! And thank you for sharing your life/work, Bryan.