Tuesday, 10 May 2011

blog gears about to start...

I was up in Miyagi prefecture shoveling tsunami gunk and muck for a while.

I am back at home busy with Spring. My indigo seedlings will need transplanted to the field next week. I have 3000 baby silkworms who need constant feeding and care.

My tea harvest starts next week. The carpentry work upstairs has almost ground to a halt while weeding and cutting grass at the mulberry field and cleaning up the garden and yard are priorities. I put in a few new glass windows today so that I don't get too far away from the renovations.

My students are all working away at indigo and weaving projects. My precious Mac G5 needed a new hard drive and internal disk player. She was down for a month and now back up and ready to cooperate with getting my blog gears engaged.

Thank you to all who sent their kind words of encouragement since the tsunami and nuclear accident. They were much appreciated.



  1. oh its nice to hear from you again I hope everything will settle.

  2. Hi Bryan, I'm glad you are back. It must have been hard seeing what's left after the tsunami. I'm leaving for Japan with the Silk Study tour in a week time. Can't hardly wait! - Hugs Nat

  3. Hi Bryan
    So glad you are back safe and well. Your life seems to be going full force so be safe and do take a little time to smell the roses as they say!
    God bless Belinda

  4. great to have you back. looking forward to the ai tales

  5. Good to hear from you again. I'm off to dye with woad this weekend.
    I've put all my blogs together in one place so please pop over and see me at http://piecenpeace.blogspot.com

  6. glad you are back at your farm. our late spring and high water has slowed down farm work here. those look like hungry babies, and they'll get hungrier. in the photo you look resigned. and weary. japan is in my thoughts and heart.

  7. I have just discovered your blog...hope you are ok . have been watching all the awful things that have been happening in Japon, have sent money but wish there was more we could do. Love the "stuff" on your blog. Glad you re up and running again. Lynda.