Monday, 4 April 2011

Back in Fujino

I am not that keen on keeping up my blog these days. The cherry blossoms are out and I returned home although the situation with the Fukushima nuclear reactors is far from stable. Radiation has been registered in my town. My most precious things are boxed and and my suitcase is near the front door ready to leave if things get worse. (Could they actually?) Suspicious of food and even if my shower water is not radiating the hell out of me. (Actually I will be away for a while to cool my own spent fuel and will be back on the bloghorse in May.)

My head is like the bloody reactors these days. Impossible to shut down and ready to burn up at any moment. The anger at Tokyo Electric Company 'TEPCO' for their inane company structure keeping my own critical fission point peaking. 25 million people living with in 500 km of the plants and a precious 1500 year old culture that could have significant parts of it radiated away.

Spain supplies 35% of it's electrical needs with renewable powers sources why are we building more of these reactors? (Because they are profitable and people are addicted to brightness and convenience.) Our societies are on the wrong path.

I did plant thousands of indigo seeds today as well as replanted my lotus pots. My friends and neighbors continue life as usual with a large dose of gallows humor to keep desperation at bay.

Anger.....I don't want any anger management right now. I hope more people get very angry and re think the man made part of this nightmare in Japan right now.

And I get my March electric bill today... Can't wait to pay those b******s.


  1. Hi Bryan, I so understand your anger and hope you resolve it enough to live happily within your self. I continue to think of you and the people of Japan daily. My thoughts and Prays are with you all. Stay safe and I look forward to reading more about your beautiful weaving and Japanese culture when you return. you have my email so you let me know if your need any thing Ps bugger paying them the electric bill ! Belinda

  2. Thank you for letting your readers know that you're basically okay. Angry, yes, but who can fault you for that? Offering incense for you, your neighbors, and the thousands of indigo seeds . . .

  3. I've felt shocked to see this nuclear horror unfold, and always behind that, there is the thought of the tens of thousands of people who have had their lives wrecked. I am thinking so much about Japan.

  4. YES to anger. i was 19 when love canal (niagara falls) was exposed. i lived 10 miles north, upriver. i couldn't move away fast enough. i totally understand. we helped, then moved.

  5. So upsetting.. but glad you planted these indigo seeds though. Thinking of you and everyone there..