Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Life Sign

The plum blossoms are out. They are almost two months late as the winter has been exceptionally cold. Looks as if the plums and the cherry blossoms will be back to back. We have had hurricane-force winds the past few days which seem never to abate.
Life is very good and very busy. Preparing for the tour members coming is eating into my blog time. I have a list of blogs and a stack of photos waiting to be put out but they will have to wait a little longer. I decided at the last minute that a second bathroom would be a good idea. The timing to put it in was a little awkward...wind storms and no walls at the north end of the house. Living in a wind tunnel for the time being.
The house has come along and I am humbled and so grateful to Yamaguchi sans, Kamei san, En san, Yoshi, Umemoto san and Marna and Shuji and many others for endlessly helping out and being cheerful. You are all making my heart ache with your kindness and generosity. The house might end up as a palace and then we can really enjoy it together.
I was honored to have the Ghibli folks over again the other day. Takahata san says he will bring the crew over to stay when the house is finished and the tour is over.


  1. I can not believe that I will soon be there and that everything you are speaking about will be real and in front of me.
    It seems to me that you have gone beyond yourself with preparations and that we will all feel princesses in Fujino.

  2. hello bryan's japanese textiles!

    great blog--what an interesting life you've chosen :-)

    do you do any kind of experiential tour thingies? i will be in tokyo late nov/early dec this year and would love to come see how you make dyes & do weaving, and would deeply love to get my hands dirty. i know zip about dyeing and less about weaving but am fascinated by the processes involved. i wish to play a little. and i love, love, love japanese indigo dyes.

    if you yourself don't do this sort of thing, do you know anyone in the tokyo region who does? i don't speak japanese but will dragoon a friend who does.

    thanks very much!

    1. Ryandrake san:
      Send me a regular email with more details of your trip. Sure, come on out and play in the indigo for a day or two.