Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thank You Indigo Sisters

This was the first Japanese Textile Study Tour. How can I really thank Mrya, Janine, Nat, Cynthia, Blandina, Judi, Jean and Lis? They signed up without knowing me except through Nat and my blog.  They flew in from all corners of the planet with suitcases full of gifts they lavished on my friends and myself. Long expensive flights and a long journey to get to this nowhere village. I tried my best to make their journey worth it. I and felt bad that the weather wouldn't cooperate and kept Mt Fuji hidden. Here we are actually standing on the lower slopes. Unfortunately we barely even caught a glimpse of its snow capped peak.
Thank you ladies for being such great sports. I kept the pace a little too fast. Sorry.
I hope our paths cross again some day.



  1. Thank YOU Bryan for this unique and complete experience.
    And yes, we were happy, eager to learn, amazed, spoiled...unforgettable.

  2. Thank you really doesn't do you justice. Our trip was amazing. Your life and relationships with the people and artisans around you afforded us a great number of unique experiences. Yes we were busy but we enjoyed it all. Nat certainly did the right thin when she suggested a residential tour group. The hard work you and your friends persisted with for the house renovations certainly made our stay most enjoyable. I know I felt right at home.