Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spring around the House

ひとりしずか/ Japanese name: By Myself Quiet.
Spring arrived late this year. It arrived all at once with plum and cherry blossoms back to back.  We had snow just the other day and now your lungs fill to capacity with a gentle sniff there is so much oxygen in the air from the new leaves. I roamed around the back of the house today trying to name a few of the plants that have shot up out of nowhere.  Aghhhhhhhh so beautiful. Just impossible to put into words. These are the most beautiful days of the year. The backlit dark arrogant spring grey clouds at dusk seemed magnetically charged and unable to move the impatient lean, puppyish green mountainsides. Aghhhh...no camera. I'm still a bit dazed and confused after the tour. Slowly putting things back where they belong and getting back into a regular rhythm again. It is Golden Week right now. A string of national holidays timed just right to get back on my feet while breathing/taking in the new landscape.
熊谷そう/Kumagaisou in front of my bedroom window.

Sky above the house this afternoon.

Outside upstairs bedroom window this morning.
Jack in the Pulpit
Broken Umbrella.


  1. suck beautiful spring plants, strong and gentle. here, too...

  2. Thank you for naming some of those lovely plants, By Myself Quiet seems so apt today. I have also posted flora! Enjoy Golden Week and recharge your batteries. Hugs.

  3. thanks for the glimpse of your beautiful surroundings!

  4. Hello Bryan,
    I just stumbled on your blog. What a beautiful place you live in and how beautifully you write about it! Thank you for sharing it.