Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tsumugi, Kasuri and Katagami hori

It was a quiet class day with everyone concentrating on their projects. Kamei san's carpet made a few rows of progress.

 Tanaka san spun silk floss on my spinner for the first time. She had pulled floss like they do for Yuki tsumugi for her graduation project last month at the Kurashiki one year textile program. This hand spun thread will be dyed and used for warp and weft of her first back-strap loom project.

With so many fresh leaves outside they were the natural subject for a new stencil project. I drew it out on paper to give them the idea (it was slightly more complicated this time) and they drew their patterns out on persimmon paper and started cutting them out.

Yamaguchi san started her third back-strap loom project. This time as warp kasuri. Here she is patiently tying up the resists. They will be dyed with indigo and then the wrap removed.


  1. On the list for the next testile study tour!

  2. HI!!...I was just looking for some katagami stencils and get into your blog...Its nice where u live and what you do..I live in south america I love japanese culture and do myselk some origami, kumitate and know im learning katagami I envy you for been there...I hope u can post some more pics about your work there..and if u dont mind more about culture there I would to learn some more.. ty Lilly here nice to meet you!