Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A New Project Before the Last One is Finished.

There are two very cool knit machines that have been thrown at my life here. One is the 1950's American tube t-shirt knitter. The second is a way way cool 1950's pile sock knitter. These two wonders are enough to build an 'intentional life' (Thank you Velma) around.   Oh the things you could knit! (Oh the places you will go!)

Really these are too much.  They both need a home and it should be near Kurihara san's house for at least a few years before they make the journey to my village. So a home for them appeared. It is a one hundred year old beauty near the river in Atsugi.  It needs some love and imagination. It will take a few months to complete the renovations. (With the house here not finished.) The scale is smaller there. First we will take on a few small rooms to make a small display room and a second room for the machines themselves.  This is quite a complicated project. Bringing together ideas that are not formed, to a place (not named) that is not re-formed with machines that need to be studied with people unknown with products not developed a.......recipe for....... fun and good memories. Never a chance like this again. It will only happen once in this universe. A dozen of us are ready to give it a spin.....
So here are the initial photos of the space that needs everything.
The space will be used to dye thread indigo and use on the knit machines to develop products for a group of designers. It is going to be fun.


  1. way to go bryan-san!! i was gifted a simple brother knitting machine and am slowly learning the ropes.

  2. Oh my goodness Bryan, you ave not recovered from one thing and you are grabbing the next with both hands but how could you refuse? This sounds like a very exciting opportunity for fun and creativity, please keep us posted.

  3. Never stop moving Bryan san, are you? I will follow with interest this new adventure. The little house is a little jewel.

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