Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ogata san's Shibori

 It wasn't exactly what we were shooting for. We started the second few meters and will adjust the balance of the white and blue. Adjust the heaviness of the lines. Adjust the rhythm of the spacing. Adjust the roundness of the patterns. We will get it right. Although Ogata san loved the results the first time around.

The wild mountain lilies are out around the house. Outside the new second bathroom window (Is it a still considered a window if I chose not to put in glass?) the hydrangeas of June are still in bloom with the lilies of July. Strange weather.


  1. アルフレッド24 July 2012 at 22:49


  2. Hi Bryan
    Ogata san is a lovely lady and the shibori is beautiful!

    Here in Canada we only see the lilies in florist bundles and so to see one growing 'wild' is amazing. They are strongly scented!

    Thank you for your comment at my recent blog post... I have been reading your blog for a while and enjoying your adventures there.


  3. onesmallstitch25 July 2012 at 11:23

    love the lilies, the shibori and Ogata-san. think you will need a window in the bathrm. before the winter freeze sets in.

  4. You are a perfectionist, I am with Ogata san: I love it as it is.
    I like to see the changes in nature according to the season, and yes, you can call it a window (which is an opening USUALLY fitted with glass, but not always!).

  5. a lot of poetry in the first photo

  6. I agree with Ogata san, I like the results - it looks like lace against a blue background. Lovely lilies and Bryan...a bathroom needs a window and a window does mean glass!!

  7. oh, those lilies!

    and happy ogata san!

  8. Ogatasan is looking delightful as always. The shibori is wonderful. Love the Lillie's and yes, a window will need glass,especially so the snow can't blow in