Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sashiko Stitching on Katazome and Hinode Shibori

Look what Kawamoto san has done. The excitement is still turned on from the antique market visit. As you remember she bought an old linen kimono and took it apart, washed it, ironed it and used the old stencil I bought to indigo dye the pattern on it. We talked about respecting the cloth and figured the best way to show respect to this particular one was to stitch it together with another. She did a great job and we were all so impressed. Other students were on the bandwagon in minutes. The enthusiasm spread. There was a break in the monsoon and it was clear and hot and dry today with a slight breeze.

Ogata san has been preparing this hinode shibori variety to dye for two weeks. The indigo was in good condition today. Good work Ogata san.



  1. I am fascinated by what you are doing and having once spent a weekend when I lived in the UK doing indigo dyeing I would love to be out there where you are learning so much.


  2. nothing beats a good dyeing session after the monsoon !

  3. Both fabrics look amazing, congratulations to both ladies...but Ogata san deserves a special one!

  4. onesmallstitch13 July 2012 at 08:56

    Kawamoto-san's fabric is a perfect marriage of techniques, the texture looks fantastic. Ogata-san just keeps ticking! the pattern her shibori stitching has created is beautiful - looks like summer.

  5. i am always impressed by these ladies- their skill, their persistence, their precision...
    many thanks to them for continuing these techniques and for your indigo vat.
    all lovely.

  6. Your blog has been one of my biggest inspiration and motivation. Each time i learn a bit more and it makes me want to pursue textile even more. I say thanks and keep up the great work :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment. It gives me a boost on a scorching hot day.