Friday, 5 October 2012

From Almost No Dog To Three

Snoopy had a stroke and was on her side for weeks. She was simply a goner. But as she has done more than a few times, she rallied and unbelievably she is up and around again.

Another Fukushima nuclear refugee is at the house. This time Momo,  Peach  is the new addition to the family. We know her owner who was forced to evacuate his home with his family to a refugee housing camp. It may take a few years but Momo will eventually be reunited with her original family. She is a real comedian. It will break my heart to let her go.  Suddenly I have three dogs to feed and walk and keep happy and healthy. They spend their days outside and come in in the evening and sleep in the entrance of the house. Soooooo cute.
Snoopy, Geiger and Momo. For better or worse, through thick and thin...


  1. What credit to Snoopy that she doesn't mind these invaders. She seems to be made of strong stuff - must be the Japanese diet.

  2. Snoopy seems to love them. Amazing. A few territorial pee issues but she enjoys their company. More opportunities for snacks I suppose.

  3. Snoopy looks good - having some friends must be good for her. I thought Geiger had found a home?

    1. The Geiger taker is always away on weekends and he would be left alone. Surprisingly Snoopy does enjoy the companionship. It is hard to read the leftover wolf in these pups. They have their own cultural quirks and ways of doing things.

  4. i have three dogs around on weekends, too. makes for lots of personality!

  5. ...and wendy tries hard to keep those other two away from me.