Sunday, 7 October 2012

Stencil Cutting Homework

I sent out a few small sheets of persimmon tannin paper (kakishibugami) to the members of the autumn workshop for homework.  This allows them a little time to think about what pattern they would like to make.
My friend takes old saw blades and makes these razor like cutters that work well with this kind of paper.

Catherine was inspired by Japanese family crests for most of these stencils she cut.  Remember what you cut out is what you get. The holes you cut will let the resist paste through to the cloth. These spaces will be resisted and the indigo cannot reach the cloth. The red pigment was added to the paste just so that you can see where the paste has been spread. It washes out completely.

Touko chan cut out this more complicated stencil a few days back. Beautiful!

There are many images for katazome on Google images. My advice is to keep it relatively simple. 


  1. Think sending the persimmon sheets to the autumn participants is a great idea. All that HW though............ I can just picture all the neighbors and helpers. Tthey were all very much a welcome part of the first workshop. The memories come flooding back - guests for lunch, fish around the fire,fresh udon noodles, and myriad size shoes lined up at the front door. What memories , they will keep me going until next time I visit.

  2. Miss you all very much, Original Indigo Sisters. All those shoes....they are all lines up today.

  3. 3 posts in as many days! I bought a sheet of stencil paper when I was at Maiwa - very expensive- and promptly lost it at the Silk Weaving Studio. They are keeping it for me in the "hold" drawer, in the meantime I'm playing with design. Touko chan's design is so delicate,lovely. Will she put gauze on it?

    1. It is expensive here. She will gauze and lacquer it next class.

  4. i love those knives. and the paper. (of course the dyeing is lovely, too!) years ago i bought one precious sheet of persimmon tannin paper...and have it still.

  5. beautiful work. i need another life!