Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Katazome Technique Number Two: Dougubori

The second type of katagami stencil carving is callled, dougubori (tool carved). The stencil carver makes the punch-like tools in the desired shape. The pattern is drawn onto the paper and five additional layers are fixed together with a paper cord passing through  holes near the top edge of the papers. The pattern is sometimes purposely slightly warped to make it easier on the eye.  Figurative motifs are used as well as abstract geometric patterns. This technique is usually impossible for katagami enthusiasts to produce as the tool making and maintenance is an additional art in itself.

These stencils are usually used as a negative. What you see is what you get. The white spaces stay white on the cloth because they are rice-paste-resisted. They are used with chemical dyes for the most part. The dye has to be cold or the paste will melt. Traditionally these patterns were used with indigo.


  1. Thank you for the explanations about katazome techniques. It is very interesting to get a deeper look into them.
    be well and hopefully spring comes soon

  2. goodness those lattice designs!!