Monday, 1 April 2013

Ogata san Modeling

Hanna and Yehia and kids were visiting from FInland for a week. They brought some clothes designed by a friend in Helsinki and were looking for models. Ogata san was a natural.

Nels and Marianne were here form Denmark to witness Cathy's katano shibori masterpiece unfold.

Keiko Shintani charmed us today with pictures of her work and great stories of life.

Anneke's mama from the Netherlands was here and shibori shocked us with her masterpiece as well.
A lot of guests and a lot of fun these days.


  1. Ogata-san is a born model. She looks fabulous!

  2. lovely garments on a lovely model!!

  3. Ogata san is a beautiful woman, she looks like a lovely person to know. Wonderful shibori fabrics.

  4. Ogata-san is an inspiration, great pictures.

  5. Ogata san is not only a wonderful and talented woman, but she also has a great sense of humour to pose like a true model.
    What an example!