Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The past few months have been busy. Spring came several weeks early. It's early arrival cheated us from that extra few weeks of suffering the cold, the cedar pollen and painful kerosene bills and the precious anticipation of the gentle progression of the first thawed earth smells, birds returning and the orderly smiling parade of sprouts and blooms.

Middle spring  hit us like a sucker punch. 

It is cold here in the winter and the number of guests and friends drop with the temperature and hours of daylight. Like the accelerated spring, the number of out-of-towners and sojourners surged presently.

The weeks fly by. Luxuriating in the bright company I can only shake my head and be grateful for these clear and eventful days.

Too many great projects on the go to mention and document. Kawamoto san bought some spectacular crisp antique linen at the local market a few weeks back. Luc models her shibori masterpiece. 

In a few days the first spring workshop members will arrive. Hoping the weather stays like it was these past few days. There is room for one or two more members in the ten-day indigo and textile workshop starting on May 13th. Anyone interested please drop me a line.



  1. I just can say: aww!! I am falling in love about all in this blog... you, your friends there, this wonderful indigo and your blog. Japan then is my utopic-dream! Wow Mr "diying" i´ll come everytime you will post whatever you want, cause is simply amazing. Tanks so much for share. Hugs from Italy. ^_^

  2. i read this because this morning school is closed because we're having freezing rain...spring is struggling along here...
    what a masterpiece of dyeing.

  3. Beautiful indigo! I always appreciate a slow spring - last year in March we had 80 degrees; this year it is mid-April and in the upper 30's ... I wonder if spring will ever come! I look forward to seeing your posts on the upcoming workshops!