Sunday, 30 June 2013

Koishimaru Silkworms

Those little guys are now this big and almost ready to make cocoons. Momo and Geiger were being guardpuppers this afternoon.

There is still a big bag of cocoons unreeled in the fridge. Their aunt's and uncle's hard work being reeled. Destiny awaits you friends.

The tea harvest is over and most of the tea hedges have been trimmed back for next year's harvest. One reason for the holes in the blog.


  1. worms and tea and indigo...sigh!

  2. Ah...the silkworms are soo big now! Have the little critters been taking up all your attention with the amount of food they need?
    The picture of Geiger n Momo is so cute! Geiger's smile is just one of a kind isnt it ^_^
    Mini :)

  3. Seems like an idyllic life...yet there is so much strenuous work behind these pictures!

  4. yes right. entice me into spinning :)

  5. love the itomaki and all that silk

  6. Just a question, what do worms eat??