Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mini's Three Month Indigo Adventure

Mini from Singapore left last weekend after spending three months here at the house. It was such a sad goodbye. We had so many experiences during her stay. Living under the same roof she could see all the chaos and fun and hard work that goes on around here so that things look and run smooth when guests and students are here. She wrote and asked to stay and seemed so earnest that I accepted.  I've had several emails asking me to stay at the house and study indigo and silk processes and I had always refused. I couldn't get a clear idea of the general mechanics of a long-term stay. I am comfortable with it now. Mini was soo easy. She is a designer and had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve. She was easy to talk too. She took initiative and progressed. Aghh... Mini we miss you and are proud of all your hard work and progress. You must be back at work in Singapore. Think of us sometimes and the Geiger and the Momo are waiting for you to come back and visit.


Mini cut these two stencils using the leaf trace technique.

They dyed beautifully. Mini has a light touch, feminine look to her work and it came out in her shibori and stencils.

We set up this gorgeous warp of persimmon dyed silk and indigo dyed linen. Henri, Mini and I wove it up and made these drawstring Japanese bags after kumihimoing the actual drawstrings. 

Mini, your shibori work was sublime. 


  1. fine, fine work, and i think you're brave to open your life this way. i also think that it's appropriate to be a conduit for the techniques, the respect to channel into the minds of other textile artists.

  2. Thank you :) I have had the most wonderful time! Busy with work, japanese lessons, tuition and planning a long term goal! Miss u guys too :)

  3. agreed, her work is stunning.

  4. I would like to be a long term student one day.

    1. How about we make an indigo vat in Florence and work there?

  5. mini's work sings!
    interested in your warping method.

  6. Mini's leaf stencil is lovely, very delicate and it dyed so beautifully