Friday, 4 July 2014

Indigo, Silkworms. Official Japanese Farmer

I an official Japanese farmer. I hear there are only a few of us non-Japanese certified here. I've been raising indigo and silkworms (growing mulberry) and 2000 square meters of green tea for many years now. The government officials came a few weeks back, checked me out and I received the certification a week later.
I received this t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.

I never managed to grow a full field of indigo last year because of other obligations. The field is fully planted this year and growing well. The first harvest will have to wait until I'm back from working in New York in July. It should be a bushy 75 centimeters tall by then.  I used a generous amount of chicken and pig manure this year and the indigo is grateful.

The days are packed with activities at the house. Up at the crack of dawn with Mark gathering mulberry for the silkworms. 

Yazaki san is teaching Gwen, Mark, Sana, Melody and Dillon to sew kimono upstairs next to the munching silkworms. They cut their stencils, dyed the fabric in indigo and started sewing them the next day. I am so proud of them.
 These guys are so proud of their hand stitched work. Mark made a denim kimono to wear to his brother's wedding in Ireland this summer. It will be cool paired with his family tartan kilt.

Melody and Sana cut these stencils like honey badgers. So much talent around the house this rainy season. 


  1. Wonderful! Such an interesting life you lead and sharing with us is great!!

  2. Congratulations on your farmer's certification - well deserved. The silkworms look really healthy and I hope they'll work well, and that the indigo likes its diet too.
    Excitedly looking forward to September - cheers mate!

  3. Cool. What's next? Living National Treasure Designation?

  4. congratulations,- farmy-san. wow, that field of indigo is VERY impressive, guess I better get some pig manure! and those silkworms look well fed

    1. Hi Jean, After experimenting, I realized you can't really over fertilize indigo. It loves the stuff.

      Silkworms were a success this year as well. I was kind of fudging it the past two years with silkworms and indigo. Small lots. (You call yourself a farmer?) I have my farmy creds back again.


  5. oh, happy farmer! congratulations.

  6. Congratulations Bryan. What is it that you have been doing all these years if not farming. I hope the certification comes with some special benefits. I like the idea of national living treasure too. Sounds good

  7. young mac donald got certified iaiao!
    lots of honey badgering i can see.

  8. Ha ha - hello Bryan and Hiro - amazing time great Craic and fab group of people ... Lovely pictures to reminisce - we especially love the one of marks builders bum picking mulberry - love Alex and Glennis xxxx