Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Indigo Buddhist Project Stirring.

I've monkeyed around with stencil dyed Buddhist images and indigo for many years. Always hesitating to be using images appropriated from the lofty heights of Buddhism.

Emily is thinking of ways to have the monks at her partner's temple in Bhutan use indigo and Buddhist iconographic images. The idea of helping the monks in Bhutan was a key to unlock some energy kept on a small burner, well out of sight.  With these thoughts exciting us we took the lid off the indigo and started dyeing for 2015.

Years ago, I cut this stencil of a somewhat lightly muscled bearded Buddha and used the indigo material I dyed as lining for a small bag that was used to hold a toothbrush, toothpaste, condoms etc. (More or less a one-night-stand bag.) He was out of sight but his presence was there in morning peeking out.  (I hope I don't get in any trouble with this.....)

The red paste washes off and the colour of the material is left. 

The wheels are turning and I would love nothing more than to spend a few months working on this project. 

(ps. Trouble for the religious iconography not the one night stands.)


  1. the idea of one night stand bags is enticing. why don't you start production? w/out the Buddha of course ;)

  2. Neki san,
    What would a one night stand bag be without a Buddha inside smiling knowingly...the transitory nature of life...?

    Or maybe a Joni Mitchell image..everything comes and goes, marked by lovers and styles of clothes..things that you held high and told yourself were true....

  3. Alfred...I think it was you I was thinking of when I drew him.

  4. Great to see you using the vat instead of a horde of students. Love the idea. I might make a bag like that for my son.

  5. Love the fact that Mom and son can be that close. A Mom encouraging one night stands....I love it. Well... maybe mom making sure son keeps out of trouble.

  6. i love the thought of buddha and joni sharing the interior of a one-night-stand bag.