Friday, 30 January 2015

Ogata San is Well. The Fukushima Pups are Well.

Ogata san, being a typical Leo just laughed her famous guffaw when I told her yesterday that I had received a flood of get-well-fan-mail. She is back at home (after being hospitalised with pneumonia and then influenza) surrounded by her loving and adoring family and looks like her normal witty, hard working and charming self.

97 and indestructible.

One of my Fukushima refugee doggies, like Ogata san, has quite a history behind her. Momo was a little princess dog at a large rice farming house only a few kilometres from the melted-down reactor. She was in her yard with her husband on that fatal day. The ground shook and then everyone in the house escaped. They thought they would return to their house but it was impossible. The dogs were left in the yard and the owners came and dumped in a pile of dog food every few weeks for them. Momo had puppies in this horrible situation. A wild boar was coming to snack on the dog food and Momo's husband tried to protect the puppies and was gored and killed in front of Momo. The owners of the house and  Momo realised  they couldn't move back to their home because of the radiation and it was dangerous for Momo to stay. (Momo means 'peach' in Japanese.) They were all put up for adoption. 

Her poor pups were a mess. Bad skin disease.

And Momo herself was something out of a Dostoevsky novel the day she was rescued. 

Before and after.

Geiger (he had no name) was a bit of a wreck as well. He and Momo kind of love it when I tell everyone that they met on the crest of the tsunami and were washed ashore together. Their destinies entangled. They made the several week long hike down to my place and slept outside the door a few days until I accepted them in. She sometimes reminds him that he was a homeless dog from the wrong side of the tracks while she was a bit of a rice princess. 

It is snowing today. Hiro quit smoking. The dogs are all happy. Everyone is healthy.

......and Momo's miserable, scabby, radiated, traumatised puppies?????

They have good healthy fur now and good healthy homes too. 


  1. the hidden Buddhas are smiling everywhere!
    Ogata-san continues to inspire. Love the snowy pictures, glad I'm not there.

  2. Great news. Stunning photos through the kitchen window. What fun to be there amongst it. Well done Hiro.

  3. Ever a complete and utter sap for doggie rescue stories, yours is no different and I melt. Bless all who lend a hand. They are so helpless ... we can offer so much.

  4. Our dogs are only part of our lives but we are most of their lives.

  5. beautiful all!!
    tell hiro if he gets the smoking shakes to put a cinnamon stick in his tastes slightly of cigarette and calms down the oral anxiety.ask me how i know.

  6. will do. he is going crazy right now, he took old butts out of the ashtray and was trying to smoke them...jeeeesh

  7. bless y'all. and fingers crossed i actually remembered to put the wool sample in the letter i sent you last week...if not, let me know and i will do my best!

  8. Bryan-san, this post is overflowing with happy news. I'm relieved that Ogata-san has pulled through with her usual vigour. Seeing a picture of bedragled Momo-chan when she was rescued is such a contrast to the vibrant picture of canine health she is now. I hope that the snows outside (amazing to see!) remain sufficiently deep to prevent Hiro-san from being tempted outside by the nicotine devils. Wishing him more abundant health than ever in the New Year!

  9. Thank you Heather. Hope all is well with you two.

  10. Glad to hear Ogata san and everyone is doing well! Yeah Hiro! You can do it ;)
    Hugs, Mini.

  11. Great news, Ogata-san rocks on!

  12. Hi! I'm happy to hear Ogata-san is well. I didn't visit the blog in a while, it's great that you're making it. We're talking about Japan a lot recently. I guess I told you before, but your place with you, Momo and Geiger were the Japan my family loven the most. Lots of love! Extra special love to M & G from Villa! Hanna