Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Beautiful Faces. Spring Workshops.

Dear Heather,

Thank you for the wonderful picture. You all look so happy to be leaving. Is it because you can finally get away from me? ( I felt a bit like a textile nutcase this time around...)

It was a lovely ten days. We lucked out on the weather. We lucked out on a lot of laughter that was floating around in the universe looking for a dozen faces to manifest in. We lucked out on Hiro being in a cooking frenzy. Momo and The Geiger lucked out on the early risers who loved to walk them.

Best to you all,
Hugs from Hiro and Bryan,

Hannah, Susan, Frank, Leila, Annie,
Carol (no e) , Shirleybird, Lorraine, Cheryl and Heather. (pictured below.)

I will put together a collection of all the spring workshop photos in June. I am looking forward to one more workshop this spring. So far I've been blessed with wonderful people this year.

Best on your future back strap weaving Hannah.

The wedding went well.....by the power invested in me by the tennis court I pronounce the deed done....
Best on your lives together Shunji and Sophie.


  1. What fabulous photos- the vibrant blues of the indigo are amazing.Looks like you all had a perfect time!
    Claudia Fisk

  2. the patio looks great, you look great and hiro looks great.and not saying anything about those vats.