Friday, 1 May 2015

Silkworms Hatched

I forgot to put the silkworm eggs I bred last August in the refrigerator. I left them in my closet and when I walked in yesterday I found three thousand baby silkworms on a shelf looking for food.

The mulberry is barely leafing and it is a bit cool to start silk farming, especially with guests at the house. But they hatched and I will look after them. Busy days ahead.

The indigo is already growing and there is a wonderful nest near the front door.

Beautiful days.


  1. happy to know i am not alone...i opened my closet at the beginning of the new school year [i may have been 9 at the time] to find my school bag...hurled in there at the end of the previous term, covered in eggs. forgotten cocoons. the moths had emerged, procreated and died.

  2. spring is happening everywhere. removed a tick from my friend this morning. yep, here, too. good spot for a home.

  3. oh glorious Spring when all the world is new again. Can't imagine finding 3,000 unexpected babies in my closet!