Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Autumn 2013 Spring 2014 Indigo Workshops in Japan

I have had dozens of people travel from overseas to Japan and come stay at the farmhouse and explore the world of Japanese textiles. Some are textile veterans. Some have been super nervous first time travellers to Asia.

Some savvy textile designers themselves, others who want to be textile designers testing the waters of the textile world. Others have had no real interest in textiles but want to do something meaningful in Japan besides look at shrines and temples.

The house is like a large wooden cocoon itself. It is creaky and cozy. There are plenty of spaces to be together and plenty of spaces to be by yourself.  Food tastes good with so much green out the windows.  Sleep is deep even when the rain is pounding off the metal roof. It is packed with looms and textile related stuff. 

I didn't start this blog to use as a business advertisement platform.  I wanted/needed to create a narrative of my work and life and knowledge here in Japan so I could move upwards and grow. This blog is a kind of nourishment supplement to my life.  For the time being, the workshops I run for guests from around the world are also a nourishment source. I'll put this post up every few weeks to advertise for workshop participants for the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014. I apologize to regular blog readers and beg their indulgence while they pass over this if it does't interest them. 

If you are interested in visiting Japan this autumn or next spring and spending some time here in the mountains near Tokyo exploring Japanese traditional textiles, take a look at the link below. 




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