Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Striped Pleated Bound Shibori

Henri and Mini continue to make some wonderful work. I show them the technique and they work diligently away and flawlessly dye these pieces. Henri's seven weeks have flown by and we are all saddened thinking that his gracious vikinghood will not be present. He is finishing up last minute projects and longing to see his family and friends back in Finland.
Mini and Henri are big Studio Ghibli fans and they were lucky that Takahata san and crew were here to do a little filming and sound recording and they could have Facebook pictures of the week.

Mini was so elegant in a Meiji period indigo kimono at tea ceremony lesson yesterday. She had watched and mastered and performed with charm.  We are all going to miss her when she goes back to Singapore. I'll photograph and document all the work these two have done in the past months. I wonder what happens to all the indigo dyeing they have worked on? Do they give some away? Does it go in a drawer and pulled out for memories? I imagine they will always remember Momo and Geiger and they flood of guests they have shared the indigo vats with. I suppose a few pieces will be with them for most of their lives as mementos of the time they spent here in Japan when they were young.

And the viking falls out the window taking the group picture yesterday.


  1. in the photo above, every face is happy. every one. i hope your viking is the photographer, and not still in a heap under the window--

  2. did you go on a group kimono buying expedition? Tai-san looks like she is enjoys sharing her tea ceremony skills.

  3. I want to be a part of these workshops SO badly. What are the requirements to be a part of it? Thanks, Melissa M.

    1. SImply email and tell me about yourself, background in textiles, what you would like to learn, how long you can stay and I'll get back to you on costs and available time and my expectations.