Thursday, 9 May 2013

Colorado Indigo Mujeres

Jessica lived in Tokyo with her husband a few years back. She moved to Colorado but kept her love of things Japanese. She wanted to share her experiences in Japan with her friends. She contacted me and they all dropped by for five days for the whirlwind of whirlwind indigo courses.
They were very productive. Was it the perfect spring weather or just their easy going natures? I don't know but it was a stress-free memorable time spent together.
Thank you Jessica for bringing your friends, JM, Catherine, Susan and Carol by. And thank you Carol for bringing Opal as well. Here she is hanging out on the lighting upstairs. Diane from Quebec rounded the days off well. I see an indigo vat appearing in Montreal some time soon with Diane at the stir stick.


  1. I have to do this trip some day, i have to!

  2. wow, the world is turning blue,maybe you should change the name to the Fujino Hilton! do you need a concierge?

    1. Yes Jean, You have the job. Starting today. Please.

  3. i rejoin this blog because of your work!
    if you dont mind, may i read all of your blog throughoutly...