Thursday, 25 December 2014

End of the Year Greetings

Thank you Mr Mark san for the photo. It was a wonderful year. So much happiness. (The neurotic part of me has me worried.....I used up my bucket of blessings. The future is going to be rough.)
Best to everyone. I pray and hope all our paths continue to cross with our indigo and other journeys in life.



  1. Merry Christmas to both yourself and Hiro. May the festive season be filled with wonder, magic, love and laughter. Long may our indigo journey continue.

  2. just reading about using up the blessings, oh, that sounds so familiar. i always feel this way.

  3. I echo Judi, an indigo sister from that very first workshop. May your bucket of blessings continue to refill.

  4. a bit late, or maybe in time for the new year?
    love luck and sunshine to both of you.