Thursday, 4 December 2014

Ink and Wax Painting in Japan.

My friends know Eros Nakazato as the guy with the great  hair who makes cool stuff around my house. (Like the outdoor bath light and the staircase railing going upstairs. )  We have had a few exhibitions together in Europe over the years.

He had an exhibition of a sumi ink painting he did on cloth at our local restaurant last month. As always it was breathtaking... his work sort of takes the oxygen out of the room.

Of course it was filled with horses. The background writing is a poem written by a Japanese poet/ essayist in the final months of the second world war. The painting referenced some of Eros older work and of course the tsunami and Fukushima.

He did not melt the wax off and left it there to add to the surreal lighting from behind. The only colour was on the moon behind the horse.

(Please click to see them up close.)

Yoshio and Liu are in there to give some scale to the picture.

His sculpture work is also very good.

And the man himself. 

Years ago he drew this horse and snail for our exhibition in Liechtenstein. 


  1. What an amazing technique, I am fascinated.

  2. wow! such incredible work!
    i am happy to see a railing on the stairs ;)

  3. i love keeping the wax...never thought how you could use the wax this way.