Sunday, 21 December 2014

Japanese Textile Study in the Mountains in Japan.

I had four ten-day indigo workshops this year at this old house in the mountains outside Tokyo. I don't know what to say.... The members are always varied and the energy is always different. I keep the schedule flexible enough so that professional designers and first time indigo dyers can all feel at home here. It was a really great year. Thank you all for getting on the plane from all corners of the planet and sharing your time with me and the others. There were a lot of magical moments and I will keep them all with me. Ten days of indigo/Japanese culture boot-camp with food (Hiro...way too much food!) and I've seen some friendships develop because of the common experience of being here. I see little chunks and nibbles missing from  my heart for the workshops members after we spend a short but precious time together. Heartfelt thanks and hugs to you all.

I haven't advertised for the ten-day-workshops for next year, 2015 because they are almost filled up with people who have simply written and asked to join.

I have a few spaces open for a few of the workshops in 2015 and waiting lists for others.  Please email me and I will send you the link to the brochure and give you information on availability. The yen is the lowest in 30 years. (I cannot believe that Japan is actually reasonable to travel in after being here 25 years. ) Japan is safe and travelling fairly convenient and easy. I look after you almost door to door for you travellers a bit worried about stepping into Asia. I can also help you with planning some extra time in Japan either before a workshop or after.

The summers are too hot and the winters to cold. There is only a few month window open all year. I will hold them in April and May and from late September and October.

The house has been full most of 2014 with guests studying textiles here at the farmhouse. There have been a dozen long-term students here who have come for a week to three months and created and worked hard.

It has been great fun. Truus and Mini, Ruby, Dillon, Marty, Aliki, Bee, Mark, Stephen, Sana and Melody, Gwen, Kim, Roosmarjin, Lena, Bridgette, Heather, Ariana.... What an honour to have so many talented, energetic, generous, smart, creative and human people in my life. Chunks and nibbles of my heart are missing from you guys. Cracks actually.... (Letting some light into the recesses.) This little flat spot on a mountain with the drafty old house sitting out of sight. All this beauty.....the fragility scares me. Thank you.

A few requests a week from talented, energetic....people of all ages from all over the world asking to come and stay at the farm come in. Sorry, 2015 will be an off year . It is not east to say no. People  are generous, smart and creative and to spend time together would be precious. I will take students for the ten-day course but no live-in students for 2015.

In 2016 I will put together a few long-term live-in courses on sewing Japanese clothes and perhaps a cocoon to kimono project.  Sorry friends...I need a break.

Moments of pure happiness...kimono sewing class while the silkworms munch happily away.

And sad sad moments. Annette and Ellie...drenched inside with indigo and sadly saying good bye to the Momo. 


  1. Darling Bryan, leaving your house in the mountains was one of the saddest moments of my life.

  2. Blandina...That was sad. It was the saddest goodbye. The weather? It was so so so fresh. The end of something and the beginning of something else as we walked down the driveway. Moments I never forget.